Curzon Staffing
1434 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-836-4403; FAX: 703-836-0514

Curzon Staffing, a locally owned and managed firm, was established in 1987 to provide a personalized and selective staffing service to the Northern Virginia and Washington, D. C. metropolitan area. Our mission is to be recognized as the agency to call for the highest level of service and quality. Our reputation depends upon your continued satisfaction.

Why Curzon?

We are problem solvers. We appreciate the fact the your time is valuable and will guide you to improved production through the use of alternative staffing strategies.

How Can We Help You?

As professionals, we take a consulting approach to analyzing and fulfilling your short-term and long-term staffing needs. We're your guide to staffing solutions.


Our Temp-To-Hire program lets you bring a Curzon Temporary onto your payroll after an offer is accepted and the employee then completes 480 hours (12 weeks).

Curzon Staffing assumes the cost of employee benefits, payroll taxes, workers comp and unemployment taxes for the trial period. This program allows you the opportunity to evaluate their performance in the position. You have the best of both worlds: a committed employee without the employer liability.



Curzon Staffing will recruit, screen, test, reference check and refer only those candidates with the skills you requested. We save you the expense and the time it takes to find just the right person for your position.

Our services are offered on a contingency-employer paid basis. The fee schedule is one percent (1%) per thousand of the individual's starting annual salary, capping at twenty percent (20%).

All Curzon placements come with a sixty (60) day replacement guarantee.


Curzon Staffing provides qualified temporaries for your last-minute needs or long-term projects. We will respond to your request within 30 minutes.

By thoroughly interviewing, testing and reference checking, we guarantee that our employees will have the aptitude and necessary skills to fulfill the requirements of your job.

As the employer, Curzon will pay all payroll and recruiting costs and benefits. We utilize QUIZ software testing and training to ensure that our employees are proficient with the latest software applications.

We have fully automated search and matching capabilities to guarantee fulfillment of your specific requirements.


We use QUIZ, state of the art skills assessment system available, to prove that our people can do your job—before the assignment begins.

Our comprehensive tests measure a wide range of software skills, from the basics such as starting an application to advanced features like tables and graphs.

We can accurately test and document skills in:
• Microsoft Access
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Word
• Word Perfect
• Lotus

All tests are taken utilizing  Windows 95, 3.1, and/or DOS operating systems. *******

We also do customized testing
in addition to the following tests:
• Speed/Accuracy Typing
• Statistical Typing
• 10 Key Speed
• Alphanumeric
• Standard Letter Formatting
• Transcription
• Shorthand/Speedwriting
• Numeric Data Entry



Curzon Staffing
1434 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-836-4403; FAX: 703-836-0514