George Washington Masonic Temple is Beautifully Lit

November 20, 2018

South Block’s Healthy Meals

November 13, 2018

At South Block in Old Town Alexandria, they now have ‘autumn toast’ and ‘the autumn bowl’. With apples and cinnamon, either one is an awesome and healthy treat. South Block is located at 106 N. Lee Street.

Confederate Controversy in Alexandria

November 6, 2018

Ever since the events of Charlottesville, many parts of country have been shrouded in controversy over the existence of confederate statues, and Alexandria is no exception. The Appomattox statue, located in Old Town, shows a confederate soldier, with a hat in his hand, looking down on the ground. Since the events of Charlottesville, many vocal opponents of confederate monuments have spoken out against the existence of these statues. The City of Alexandria actually did vote to remove the statue in 2016, but that won’t be possible until the state lawmakers in Richmond approve the removal. However, with a republican majority in the state legislature, no one expects that to happen anytime soon.

Historic European Feel in Old Town

October 30, 2018

Old Town Alexandria has a very rich history. One of its oldest streets, the 100 block on Prince Street, is known as Captain’s Row. It is a full cobblestone street that makes you feel like you are in a small, historic European town. The street is name after Captain John Harper, who built many of the homes on that street during the late 1700s.

Check Out What The City Has Planned for The Waterfront

October 23, 2018

Whenever one visits the waterfront at the foot of King Street, you can’t help but feel enchanted by the fresh breeze and the amazing view overlooking the Potomac River. However, most of the space is occupied by the exclusive boat house and its enormous parking lot. Therefore, it is no surprise the City of Alexandria has begun construction on the King Street Waterfront Project. The first phase of which is the Interim Fitzgerald Park. It will connect people to King Street, the existing waterfront park, the torpedo factory, Whales Alley, and The Strand, all from one place.

The idea of the park is to combine the Old Dominion Boat Club, the King Street Park, and the asphalt parking lot next to it, into one single entity. This is the existing condition of the area.


Construction is currently underway.








This is what it is supposed to look like after the project is finished.

The ODBC club will be torn down and turned into a shaded lunch area. The current King Street Park will be turned into a clean, grassy, lawn are where people can come and have picnics with their friends and family. The part of parking lot that is used by cars will be turned into a kind of an event area with movable plant and shade fixtures. It is intended to accommodate many events, like picnics, outdoor movie nights, ice skating in the winter, and more. The part of the parking lot occupied currently by boats will be turned into another lawn area that will provide beautiful, panoramic, views of the Potomac River.



They are open to suggestions on what to name the new park. Go here to fill out a survey:



“King Street Park at the Waterfront.” Waterfront Plan Implementation, The City of

Alexandria, 13 Sept. 2018,

Why Isn’t Anyone Stopping!

October 16, 2018

This Old Town Alexandria intersection sees a lot of activity during peak hours in the morning and evening. It’s astounding that not one of these cars is obeying the 4-way stop sign. With the young families and pedestrian-friendly walkways so prevalent in Old Town, it’s a shame that no one is considering the danger of this.

New King Street Metro Project

October 9, 2018

Walking around the King Street station in the late afternoon, one can’t help but notice the hustle and bustle of people going in different directions. Some are hurrying off the train and running to catch their connecting bus. Others are on the platform, waiting in anticipation for the train to take them into DC. All of this congestion and activity is why the King Street-Old Town Metro Access Improvement Project has been a long time coming.

While construction on the project only began about a month and a half ago, this project has actually been almost twelve years in the making, ever since the first development study for was funded in 2006. The Project is expected to be completed in Summer of 2020. The main improvements that the project will be making. Include; providing faster access to buses through the loop, and constructing a new loop on Diagonal Road, which will result in immediate access to car share, taxi queue, shuttle, and kiss and ride services. They will also be constructing a new transit store next to the entrance of the metro station, and putting in new tree bosque to make the area more aesthetically pleasing.

The long construction, however, will have a significant impact on daily commutes for seventeen long months. The following DASH and WMATA routes will be relocated; AT2/2X, AT5, AT6, AT7, AT8, AT10, 28A, 29K, 29N, REX, NH2, and KST. The bus bays for these routes will relocated to Diagonal Road, Daingerfield Road, Cameron Street and King Street, from the end of 2018, until Winter 2020, when the new loop will open. The new Kiss & Ride, car share, and other services will be available in the Summer of 2020, when the project will be completed.

 New Bus bays are under construction.
“King Street-Old Town Metro Access Improvement Project.” Government of Alexandria, VA, Government 
of City of Alexandria, 10 Sept. 2018,

City Hall Movie Night

October 2, 2018

On Monday, September 17th, The City of Alexandria held a screening of the highly regarded Marvel movie: Black Panther.

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Welcome to Alexandria City Website

October 1, 2018

Welcome to Alexandria City website, your community on the internet. Here you will find valuable information about Alexandria City, Virginia, including restaurants, shopping, hotels, local businesses, transportation, real estate, public services and coupons. All this information is presented in an easy to use format.